Samsung Tweets Galaxy S4 Image On Its Twitter Account

Samsung Tweets Galaxy S4 Image On Its Twitter Account
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Samsung Tweets Galaxy S4 Image On Its Twitter Account
Source: Pixabay

We’ve previously looked at the second part of the ad of Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone called as the Galaxy S4. Till now, we haven’t actually got a look at the actual phone in the video ads, but now the Korean electronics giant have tweeted a photo of the Galaxy S4.

The photo shows the front view of the phone, but it does not reveal much about the looks of the phone as it has a shadowy foreground. However, the photo reveals the top left side of the phone, which means that the front-facing camera, and the sensor could be at the top-right side of the phone.


Samsung has not identified the Galaxy S4 by its name in the tweet, but mentions the launch date of the device, and also uses the #TheNextBigThing hashtag. Samsung has been promoting the S4 by its “Unpacked” marketing campaign.

The company has already sent out press invitations to the event which would be held at the New York City on the March 14th.

There are many leaked photos of the Galaxy S4 surfacing on the web. The phone can boast a Quad-core 1.8GHz processor, 1080p Full HD display, 13-megapixel camera and 2GB of RAM.

Some reports also suggest that the Galaxy S4 would come with eye-scroll feature that tracks the eye movements, and then automatically scrolls down when required.

Are you looking forward for the Galaxy S4 launch on March 14th? We’ll keep you informed about this event, stay tuned.

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