Samsung Plans To Release A Tizen-Based Smartphone This Year

Samsung Plans To Release A Tizen-Based Smartphone This Year
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Samsung recently announced their plans to release a Tizen-based smartphone in August or September, reports Bloomberg. This new phone will just one of the three new flagship products from the South Korean company. The Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy S4 are the other two flagship gadgets introduced on Tuesday.

Samsung Plans To Release A Tizen-Based Smartphone This Year

Interestingly enough, this time frame is a little later than initially planned. Samsung originally gave the time frame July to August during Mobile World Congress in February.

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A Tizen-based smartphone would run on the Tizen operating system which is an open-source system that works with the support of multiple phone vendors and wireless carrier. It was also guided in development from both Samsung and Intel. It’s a platform that takes from many different sources including the now defunct MeeGo and LiMo Foundation.

The Tizen smartphone is considered to be a potential alternative to the iPhone and Galaxy S phones. Right now, all Samsung smartphones are running on Android. A Tizen-based phone could create competition and potentially more overall revenue for Samsung.

The company’s executive president for mobile, Lee Young Hee, said “The Tizen phone will be out in August or September, and this will be in the high-end category. The device will be the best product equipped with the best specifications.”

Right now, there are no Tizen devices on the market so there is really no way to predict whether or not this will be a successful venture. The first people to use the new device will have thousands of mobile applications to choose from and this alone should make the Tizen device more appealing.

Chase Perrin (official for Tizen Association) further explained in an email, “Android, among other mobile operating systems, is tightly controlled. As an open-source software platform, Tizen is designed to make it easy to develop for a range of devices.”

It sounds like an exciting and revolutionary future for mobile technology.

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