Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) Pushes For 4K Streaming of “House Of Cards”

Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) Pushes For 4K Streaming of “House Of Cards”

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) has big plans for its popular series “House of Cards.” Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt believes that before ultra-high definition 4K content does anything else, it will be streamed, and the show “House of Cards” has apparently been tailor-made for the goal right from the start. The series stars Kevin Spacey and has been a huge success since the video streaming provider began putting it out.

Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) Pushes For 4K Streaming of “House Of Cards”

The Verge reports that it has been filmed in 4K since it began. Content that’s in 4K resolution is about four times the resolution of 1080p, which is the current high quality standard. Hunt also told the online publication that Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) hopes to have part of the series encoded in 4K within a year or two.

Hunt believes streaming is the best way to get high resolution content into the average viewer’s homes because it removes many of the challenges that are part of upgrading broadcast technology yet again. Also Blu-ray discs aren’t expected to be able to support 4K content, and many televisions aren’t compatible with the high level of content.

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The only problem for the company at this point is how quickly broadband providers in the U.S. will be able to stream ultra-high definition content. Many households don’t have broadband services that are capable of supporting 4K content because it requires a high bit rate. Also the data caps that are being imposed by many Internet providers could pose a big problem for 4K content, although Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) is trying to solve that problem by signing Internet providers up for its free Open Connect network.

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