Leon Cooperman on Dell, Taxes, Equity Prices, More [VIDEO]


Leon Cooperman on Dell, Taxes, Equity Prices, More [VIDEO]

Leon Cooperman: We Need to Figure Out Top Tax Rate

Leon Cooperman, Omega Advisors chairman & CEO, explains why politician have to get together to figure out the “proper maximum marginal tax rate on wealthy people.” Leon Cooperman made the remarks in a lengthy CNBC video. All five videos are embedded below and two computer generated transcripts for some of the segments

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Cooperman’s ‘Moral Argument’ Against Dell Deal

“Generally speaking, leveraged buyouts are giant case of inside trading by management against their shareholders,” said Leon Cooperman, Omega Advisors chairman & CEO, sharing his views on Dell’s attempt to go private.


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we were laughing in the audience, everybody else was more mature. becky quick. of course. omega advisor chairman ceo also member of institutional investors delivering alpha conference. we were talking off the air. you think this dell buyout is insider trading at its worst. what do you mean by that? it’s a moral argument i’m making but i think the right argument. generally speaking, not just dell. i don’t own shares of dell so i have no ax in this fight. generally speaking leverage buyout is insider trading by management against shareholders. they’re not taking out private to lose money, they’re taking it private to make money. one year after the ceo took metromedia trift he made $5 billion on the play. that was insider trading. shareholders know more about value. in the last decade, dell stock is down 50%. s&p up 80%. computer hardware index is up 2%. he allowed his shareholders to ride this down with him. why does he not try to work on behalf of the public and allow them to come back. on eight occasions, teldine made offers to public shareholders to buy back their stock. bought back 90% of their stock. these were voluntary offers. he offered you a price and you had the right to take that price or pass. he leveraged up the company. if you want to stay with a leveraged vehicle, stick with us. if you want your ney to get off the