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iPhone5 Mini SIM Card Offered By Solavei

As iPhone5 demand appears to soften, one company is offering an alternative for users who don’t want to give up their iPhone but can’t afford to pay the higher price monthly fees associated with most subscription mobile services. Slashgear reports that Solavei is now offering a mini SIM card for the iPhone5 with a price tag of $49 per month.

iPhone5 Mini SIM Card Offered By Solavei

The nano SIM cards offer unlimited data, text and voice for iPhone5 users. Of course consumers should note the real meaning of that word “unlimited” when it comes to data. The carrier does limit data to 4 gigs per month.

With the iPhone5 being the top selling smartphone right now, offering a mini SIM card for it is a smart move for Solavei. As a fairly young company, it needs to make waves by doing things differently and better than its competitors in an increasingly difficult space. It’s also good for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), which has been struggling lately as investors have begun to turn against it amidst fears of softening demand.

Solavei also sells other SIM cards which work with the Google Nexus 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. The company has only been around since September, but it pays customers who share information about it through through their social commerce platform.

So far Solavei has apparently paid about $6.5 million to its members for telling others about its mobile services, although it doesn’t require its members to do it. Users who do decide to share the plan are able to earn a $20 credit on their bill every month for each three people they sign up.