Intel Unveils What Happens In An Internet Minute

It doesn’t take a tremendous amount of imagination to determine what you do in an “internet minute.” You need only get yourself a stopwatch and figure it out for yourself. Today, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) released an info-graphic that showed what occurs in the same minute worldwide.

Intel Unveils What Happens In An Internet Minute

Your average minute involves the transfer of nearly 640,000 gigabytes of information through a network of connected devices that equals the world’s population.

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In that same minute in 2015, that number of networked devices will double and it would take you five years to view all the video that will cross the Internet in a single minute.

Presently, assuming that you will take three minutes to read this piece, 60 people will have their identity stolen, that’s 20 per minute. Even though Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) did a great job breaking down this information it’s still difficult to get your head around the sheer volume of information that is transferred each minute. That includes:

  • 204 million sent emails
  • 1300 new interconnected mobile users who along with present mobile users will download 47,000 each minute.
  • will sell  $83,000 worth of merchandise
  • LinkedIn will see over 100 new subscribers
  • Pandora will stream 61,141 hours of music
  • 2 million search queries will be handled by Google alone
  • 20 million photos will be viewed on flickr
  • Twitter will sign up another 320+ users and deal with over 100,000 new tweets in one minutes time
  • Facebook will have 277,000 people log-in who along with users who stay logged in will view Facebook 6,000,000 times
  • 30 hours of new video will be uploaded to YouTube while the site will handle 1.3 million video views

It is nothing short of staggering, especially for those without smartphones or those who remember dial up modems. If the internet is simply a series of interconnected tubes they must be getting quite full.

These numbers represent only a fraction of an “internet minute” but that is the nature of a network that has that many users constantly online.