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13 Things You Can Do In 13 Seconds [INFOGRAPHIC]

Send a text message, buy something on eBay, make a first impression and break into someone’s home – what do all of these occurrences have in common? Well, they all take 13 seconds or less to achieve. Yes, that’s right, savvy intruders are able to gain access to a property by breaking the inside of a door lock. Although, there is a solution. Home Secure provide High Security Locks that include snap resistant technology which aims to “Beat the Burglar”. These UPVC Door Locks completely eradicate the possibility of intruders breaking into your home by manipulating your lock. To further demonstrate just how short 13 seconds is, Webrevolve have produced an infographic that illustrates some of the more and least surprising things that are possible in such a short space of time.


Source: HomeSecureShop