Samsung Hits Apple Inc. (AAPL) In Super Bowl Teaser Ad

Samsung Hits Apple Inc. (AAPL) In Super Bowl Teaser Ad
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Despite the tough competition, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (LON:BC94) (KRX:005930) isn’t afraid of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). The Korean tech company recently shared a teaser of its upcoming Super Bowl ad.

Samsung Hits Apple Inc. (AAPL) In Super Bowl Teaser Ad

The funny new ad features actors Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd, and Bob Odenkirk, the latter plays a a lawyer similar to the “Breaking Bad” character, Saul Goodman. In the ad, the guys are working as a team as they brainstorm possibilities for Samsung’s Super Bowl ad. Rudd and Rogan throw around trademarked team names like Super Bowl, San Francisco 49ers or Baltimore Ravens, but Odenkirk rejects their ideas. Rogan then asks who would sue Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (LON:BC94) (KRX:005930) over name usage and Odenkirk replies with, “Everybody, nobody. Who knows?”

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Towards the end of the ad, Rudd and Rogan settle on doing an ad for  “Big Plate that features San Francisco Fifty-Minus-One-ers and the ‘Baltimore Blackbirds.” You can view the ad below.

Although Apple’s name wasn’t mentioned in the advertisement teaser, it’s not hard to understand that Samsung was making a jab at their number one rival.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has filed many lawsuits against Samsung throughout the world in hopes of prohibiting certain Samsung products from being in the market and/or to receive compensation for what they claim is patent infringement.

At press time, the teaser accrued 1.7 million views on YouTube. The advertisement will later air during the Super Bowl this Sunday.

Despite Samsung’s rivalry with Apple, both companies maintain a strong presence in the smartphone market. Unfortunately for Samsung, it appears that Apple is back in the lead. Strategic Analytics reported that fourth quarter results shows that Apple still has it. They also mentioned that this is the first time the Cupertino-based company earned the lead spot for mobile shipments.

Neil Mawston, executive director for Strategic Analytics reported, “Apple’s success has been driven by its popular ecosystem of iPhones and App Store, generous carrier subsidies, and extensive marketing around the new iPhone 5 model.” The fact that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) still sells their older models like the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 for steep discounts helps the brand in a significant way.

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