Salesforce Launches Service Cloud Mobile, inc. (NYSE:CRM) has significantly stretched the mobile potentialities of its cloud offering. The move, which comes as no surprise, is geared toward improving the ease at which mobile users get help and customer care from apps installed on their tablets or smartphones.

Salesforce Launches Service Cloud Mobile

For this technology to take shape, it will need to be implemented by merchants, gaming providers, banks and more importantly, Service Cloud customers.

The general manager of’s Service Cloud and desktop unit, Alex Bard, said that the technology will be instrumental in giving customers real assistance. Bard further remarked that the core aim is to extend the kind of in-app experience that customers currently draw from advanced web applications.

Some of the features that this mobile overhaul will introduce include improved accessibility to support forums and knowledge bases, in-app support and co-browsing.

Co-browsing in particular will be a huge plus. This technology will allow users, through the mobile device of their choice, to get agent-guided assistance through a wide a range of supported web browsers. To put this into perspective, agents will now be able to walk customer through transactions, account setup processes, forms and issue resolution.

Other interesting capabilities that will be wrapped into the overhaul include chat capabilities. Service Cloud Mobile will allow customers to initiate instant chat sessions with their bank’s customer support agent. This can be particularly helpful if a customer identifies suspicious activity in their account. Similarly, gamers will have an easy way of accessing FAQs and walk-throughs by pressing a simple button.

While Service Cloud mobile chat and Service Cloud Communities are currently available, co-browsing technology is expecting to roll in during the second half of the year., inc. (NYSE:CRM) got this technology with the acquisition of GoInstant last year.

The chat services will cost $50 per month for Unlimited Edition and Service Cloud Enterprise.