Microsoft Charges $19.95 A Year For Ad-Free Outlook And Hotmail

Microsoft Charges $19.95 A Year For Ad-Free Outlook And Hotmail

Microsoft, just like other web companies, displays advertisements on several of its properties. When you login to services like Hotmail and Outlook, advertisement is displayed, but unlike Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) does not scans the email to display any targeted advertisements.

Seeing advertisements when we sign-in to our email provider is nothing new – Gmail and Yahoo Mail has been doing this from ages, but what they don’t offer is a way to opt-out of such ads. With, Microsoft is taking a new initiative by offering users an ad-free experience for a fixed price of $19.95 per year.

Microsoft Charges $19.95 A Year For Ad-Free Outlook And Hotmail

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Those who want a clutter free and cleaner experience for their emails will find this addition as very useful. When you upgrade to this plan, you’ll get:

  • No account expiration
  • No graphical ads

However, the term “graphical ads” is somewhat confusing, as it can mean that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) can still display text based ads. Instead of “no graphical ads” they should have used the term “no ads.” Perhaps Microsoft, right now has deliberately not cleared out this confusion at the moment.

No account expiration means your account won’t expire, even after inactivity of 270 days. This subscription prevents this from happening so that your account is valid till the subscription is active.

The million dollar question is – Would users pay $19.95 for a “graphical ads free” experience on Outlook or Hotmail? Or would they simply install an ad blocker to block such ads?

Check out more details and upgrade from here.

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