How To Change Library Background of Windows Media Player In Windows 8

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If you are a Windows 8 user, and you use Windows Media Player for all your media playback needs, then you might feel the need to change the library background skin. The default skin might look boring and too simple after some time. So let’s learn how to change the library background in Windows Media Player.

To do this in Windows 8, install a portable freeware named as WMP12 Library Background Changer, developed by WinAero.

After downloading the zip, unzip it and launch wmplibbg.exe. It might prompt you to install .NET Framework 3.5, which is required for this application. Install the .NET framework and you’ll be able to see the main interface. The interface of this application is fairly simple, it comes with just three buttons – Replace, Replace with wallpaper and Restore. It allows you to either set your own custom background or use the desktop wallpaper as background.

How To Change Library Background of Windows Media Player In Windows 8

If you want to select your custom image and set it as background, click on “Replace” button. Once you select the image, you will be prompted with UAC (User Account Control), click on “Yes” and that image is instantly set as your library background. There’s no other “apply” button. Just select the image and you’re done.

If you want to set your current desktop wallpaper as your library background, click on the “Replace with wallpaper” button. Again here also, the wallpaper will be instantly applied as your background.

Just in case you want to get back the old (or default) Windows Media Player library background, click on the “Restore” button.

If you’re thinking of giving your Windows Media Player a new background with breathe some exciting images, try this app. However, you should not set dark image as background, as that will make it extremely hard to read other text on Windows Media Player. This application has been tested on Windows 8 Pro 64-bit.

Download WMP12 Library Background Changer

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