Here’s How Your iPhone Can Test Urine Like Doctors

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Here's How Your iPhone Can Test Urine Like Doctors

The iPhone may quickly become a useful health tool. One man invented an app that tests urine for ten markers that could potentially indicate up to twenty-five different health issues.

Myshkin Ingawale invented a smartphone application called uChek, the first smartphone application that can analyze urine visually.

This particular app could prove useful to people who need to regularly check their urine for chronic health issues such as diabetes. Utilizing the traditional dipstick testing method, this test uses a universal method for standardized color indicators which means that you can use any standard urine test and then take a picture of the stick. Since the app analyzes the color, it will give you easy-to-use results plus you can click on certain statistics to find out more. Furthermore this test gives an accurate report on levels of glucose, ketone, proteins, leukocytes, bilirubin and other parameters.

The uChek app stores results for future reference. Right now, the app is currently in the testing phase in a Mumbai hospital. The app will be available on the App Store in the near future. It’s also speculated that uChek will release an Android version but it’s expected to take more time before the final product is finished.

The initial test indicated more accurate results for the 1,200 samples.

The uChek app retails for just $0.99. The color-coated map and test strips will set the user back an additional $20 but it’s still a significant bargain. Obviously, this mobile application won’t replace physicians but it’s a tool that will help patients and their doctors. It will also help cut down on the number of physician visits as well as help patients monitor trends at home.

uChek is recommended for patients who want to diagnose diseases like diabetes, pre-clampsia, and urinary tract infections.

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