Google Glass Adds Transparency With New Video

WDnetStudio / Pixabay

Google Glass as it’s looking is not so much a pair of glasses but an augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD) which should have you resembling a member of the Borg Collective from Star Trek: The Next Generation in the coming year(?) or so.

Google Glass Adds Transparency With New Video

Google Glass is just another project to come from Google X Lab, the lab responsible for the cultivation of employees’ ideas that fall outside of their normal duties at the company. Google X Lab is also responsible for the self-driving car among a number of projects that are undoubtedly “super top secret” and soon to be in the hands of presumed Chinese hackers working out of a twelve story building located in plain view in downtown Shanghai.

The product (Google Glass Explorer Edition) is meant to be available to United States Google I/O developers for $1,500, in the coming months, with a consumer model rumored to launch a year from then.

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From the “One Day” video released a year a go, a video most viewed as nothing but conjecture and wishful thinking, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) appears to have made great strides.

If you watch the video, you will see that users are treated to a transparent display in the right “lens” that would “not distract” if you were driving. That’s a tough sell, especially for anyone who has sat white-knuckled in the passenger seat of a car driven by mother in a light rain, or even after sundown.

However, and sensibly, today’s Glass video does not show anyone using the Glass while operating a motor vehicle rather its use is featured in more mundane ways like…….asking the Glass for the time while piloting a hot air balloon, asking Glass to “Record a video” before launching yourself off a platform to perform your trapeze act, (the next I need, so no sarcasm intended) asking Glass for a series of tiger pictures while getting ready to begin an ice sculpture, asking Glass to “Take a Picture” before encapsulating your adopted child in a soap bubble, using Glass to give you directions as you break numerous traffic laws as a NYC bike messenger(?), asking Glass to help you navigate a moderately difficult downhill ski run (it would be a shame to accidentally make an uphill turn), and the list goes on for about two minutes.

None of the head gestures rumored in Glass are on display in this video. Head gestures that will certainly make a number of people look as though they are battling Parkinson’s Disease while practicing their dance moves for their 25th high school reunion.

The big news, beyond all these practical applications, is that Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) shared how to become a member of the Glass Explorers. Simply pay $1500 for something you’ve never touched or seen, and do your homework.

Your homework in this case, is to go to Google+ and emotionally pour your heart out explaining your need. Simply use #ifihadglass .

So far I’m leaning towards…

“#ifihadglass I would have sold my computer by now to do more crystal meth”


“#ifihadglass I would answer the all important question of whether or not people with BlueTooth headsets would actually start scoffing at me?”