Gmail’s New Compose Window Now Allows Adding Over 1,000 Emoticons

Google keeps on adding new features to Gmail. The last improvement was Gmail’s new Compose window, which pops-out on the current page you are on. If you’ve switched to this new Compose window, then you’re in for a real treat. You can now add over 1,000 emoticons to the message by clicking on the emoticon icon or using this keyboard shortcut [Ctrl + Shift + 2].

Looking at all these emoticons, you’ll find some familiar faces such as Google Talk’s square faces, animated crab, and several other animated and non-animated faces, animals, weather icons and many more. If choosing one from all of them is a difficult task for you, you can insert more than  one by holding the Shift button when clicking on the emoticons.


When testing out on a Google Apps account, it says “Coming soon” when the mouse is hovering over the emoticon icon. So it seems Google Apps users will need to wait a bit longer than Gmail users.

Of course, in professional conversations these emoticons may not be the right thing, but they’ll come in handy in personal conversations – it’s just that you’ll need to select the right emoticon from these 1000 options available.

So, are you going to use these new emoticons that are added to Gmail?