Between pedophiles and Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) it seems going outside and playing with your friends may be a thing of the past. Looking at last night’s traffic during the Academy Awards, it looks like Facebook might be trying to make the “Oscar Party” another thing of the past.

Facebook Inc (FB) Enjoys 66.5 Million Oscar Related Posts

That’s not saying that a number of these posts weren’t added by people at parties who have the ability to post on Facebook from mobile devices like phones and tablets, it simply suggests that people are using Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to make the Academy Awards more interactive.

If after 20 some odd years there are constants on the Internet, two of them have to be pornography and people’s insatiable need to comment on movies.

“‘Oscars received three times more mentions this year, while the Best Picture nominees racked up 20 times more mentions than 2012,” Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) said in a blog post. “‘Les Miserables had the most Likes of this year’s top films, and despite being set in France, the film’s largest body of fans are in London. It was also the favorite film among women and people ages 13 to 17.”

It sounds like someone has Facebook’s Graph Search. I jest, I trust Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has considerably stronger analytic tools at their disposal. The Academy Awards scored a 7.17 on the Facebook TalkMeter, a buzz measuring tool, that saw last year’s presidential election reach 9.27 by comparison.

Twitter reported 8.9 tweets related to the Oscars last evening, though the two are really like comparing apples and oranges.

Other things we learned last night:

Les Mis scored the most buzz among women for Best Picture, while their opposite number, apparently blood-thirsty men, favored conversations about Django Unchained.

Jennifer Lawrence was the most talked about actress in all 10 major cities where data was made available, though we guess her popularity in Seattle is simply do to her role in a dystopian world quite similar to Seattle’s winter in The Hunger Games rather than her work in Silver Linings Playbook..

Contrarily, the best actor buzz varied tremendously by city and region. Below the Mason-Dixon line it was all about Denzel, where up north and in California it was Hugh Jackman and Daniel Day Lewis who received the most attention.

Only in Los Angeles did Best Picture winner “Argo” receive the most buzz. That title went to Django Unchained nearly everywhere else.

And apparently only people in Philadelphia are able to see Bradley Cooper as anything more than a pretty boy.

It should be mentioned that this 66.5 million is the total of posts from the announcement of nominees and the weeks that followed until last night’s award show.