Emerging Value Oriented Investment Advisor Up 19 Percent in 2012

Motiwala Capital is an RIA started by a research consultant for Zeke Ashton’s Centaur Capital. Motiwala Capital, which manage separate accounts and uses a value oriented approach, beat the market by several hundred basis points in 2012, with a 19% return net of fees (its first full year). Out of 41 special situations which the fund invested in, 39 were successful. The founder, Adib Motiwala, has an MBA in Finance from UTD  (2010) and MS in Comp Sc. from Texas A&M (2001). We mostly detail larger funds on the site, but the best performance is usually found in smaller funds (as many studys have shown). Below we detail some interesting information from their fourth quarter letter:

Overall performance in 2012 was good with two winners for every down position. Our biggest winners by total return were Sauer-Danfoss (SHS) (50%), CSG Systems (CSGS) (40%), Conrad Industries (CNRD) (36%), Western Digital (WDC) (35%), UFP Technologies (UFPT) (20%) and Mind CTI (MNDO) (17%). We had a 95% success rate on special situations in 2012 with 39 of 41 investments profitable and positively contributing to portfolio returns.

Motiwala capital 2012_Q4 by