Egypt: Islamists form new “Conscience Front”

Egypt: Islamists form new "Conscience Front"
Source: Pixabay

Prominent Islamist politicians announced forming a new political alliance, the “Conscience Front” on Saturday in a press conference.

The front includes members of the constituent assembly which was dominated by Islamists and other prominent political figures.

The founding members of the Conscience Front established that they are a coalition to “protect Egypt from bloodshed and defend the country against a power struggle that threatens its survival.”

The members include the former presidential candidate Mohamed Selim al-Awa, Brotherhood leaders Mohamed al-Beltagy and Helmy al-Gazzar, and leaders of the Islamist Wasat Party.

“The front will stand in defiance of those who try to use the blood of citizens to gain personal interests,” said a statement signed by all members of the Islamist front, adding, “We shall voice our opposition if the authorities deviate from the objectives of the revolution.”

The statement added that the front aims at representing all Egyptians and uniting political factions under the slogan “against bloodshed and violence.”

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