2013 Harbor Investment Conference Highlights

2013 Harbor Investment Conference Highlights
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2013 Harbor Investment Conference Highlights

The 2013 Harbor Investment Conference is taking place on Wednesday the 12th of February 2013. Bill Ackman who organized the Harbor Investment Conference will be the keynote speaker. Although this conference is not specifically about Herbalife Ltd. (NYSE:HLF), it is expected to be a big topic. Bloomberg reporter Stephanie Ruhle interviewed conference co-chair Mark Axelowitz on Monday. The topic was about Herbalife. Ruhle spoke with Mark Axelowitz on February 11th 2013 about BlackRock cutting its stake in Herbalife to 4.08%; check out the video here.   Many big names are involved in Herbalife. Bill Ackman has a huge short position; Dan Loeb and Robert Chapman have large long positions. David Einhorn was short Herbalife but covered. Carl Icahn was long Herbalife, but it is not known if he still is.

This year’s conference on February 13th  at the JPMorgan Chase Conference Center. The event is scheduled to run from 1-5:00pm.

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We will be reporting on the conference at 4:01PM EST, therefore, we are now posting the latest:  Bill Ackman is the last speaker so check back for his comments on Herbalife.

Bill Ackman on Herbalife

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Howard Shainker on a midcap bio equity

CEO of HHC on future plans of the company

Mona K. Sutphen on Geo-Political Risks

Bill Ackman in Herbalife Speech Gives Props to Charlie Gasparino

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Want to learn about Dan Loeb, the man who is the second largest shareholder of Herbalife Ltd. (NYSE:HLF)? Check out our updated resource page where we have every single Third Point hedge fund letter going back to 2007. Also want the Third Point monthly letters back to 2007? Come back at a later date.

But if Loeb is not your cup of tea or you are long Herbalife, you can check out Bill Ackman’s hedge fund letter where he first disclosed his secret short. We were the first to report the rare Pershing Square short. You can also check out some investigative work we did which shows that Dan Loeb and Chapman have known eachother since at least 2000. We also believe that based on our info Loeb might have purchased Herbalife as a trade.

At the 2012 Harbor Investment Conference, Boaz Weinstein of Saba Capital pitched an idea at the conference about shorting an index of corporate bonds. The idea became famous after JPMorgan lost $6 billion in what became known as The London Whale trade. Speaking of which, another person who bet against JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Andrew Feldstein, CEO of BlueMountain Capital will be speaking.

The line up for the conference as per 2013 Harbor Investment Conference  website can be found below:

Conference Co-Chairs

William Ackman or Bill Ackman
Founder and CEO, Pershing Square Capital Management LP

Mark Axelowitz
Managing Director, UBS Private Wealth Management

Conference Speakers

William A. Ackman
Founder and CEO, Pershing Square Capital Management LP

Andrew Feldstein
CEO and Chief Investment Officer, BlueMountain Capital Management

Mick McGuire
Founder and Managing Member, Marcato Capital Management

Howard Shainker
Managing Partner of Bow Street LLC

Mona K. Sutphen
Managing Director, UBS AG

David Weinreb
CEO, The Howard Hughes Corporation

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