Use Photos Of Real Objects As App Icons In Android Phone


With so many useful apps these days, it won’t be a surprise if your home screen is populated with too many icons. That’s normal, but how about using the photo of real object as app icons? Yes, that’s exactly what a Reddit user has tried.

As we already know, Android is a customizable operating system, and Android users take pride in tweaking their phones to their liking. We can install new icons, sounds and launchers easily,  you don’t even need to be a pro user to customize these things.

A Reddit user davy_crockett went one step ahead with his creative imagination and instead of only adding new wallpapers and altering his icons, he replaced the digital icons with real world icons (or photos). For example, he used a real photo of headphone to replace the music app icon. He used a real photo of map to replace the icon of Google Maps. Very creative, right?

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Now that you’ve got an inspiration, you can customize your Android device as you would like. Surely this is not the first time I’ve seen a home screen customized, but this one stands out from others.

The invisible icons were created using the Apex Launcher. More details are present in the Reddit thread which you can check out from the link below.

[Source: Reddit]

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