Tiger Cubs Love Belgium Based Delhaize (As a Short)

Tiger Cubs Love Belgium Based Delhaize (As a Short)
Source: CNBC Video Screenshot

We just updated out database of hedge fund short positions to include Belgium for the very first time. There are not a large number of short positions there, but it seems one stock has caught the eye of almost every body there. Delhaize Group (NYSE:DEG) (EBR:DELB) (FRA:DHZ), the supermarket chain store company which owns the subsidiary Food Lion, has been shorted by seven hedge funds. There are 13 different short disclosures from Belgium and more than half of them are dominated by Delhaize Group (NYSE:DEG) (EBR:DELB) (FRA:DHZ).  Sheffield Asset Management also had a short in Delhaize, which was reduced to below 0.5 percent on Jan 10th. This time again, Tiger cubs have joined hands here. Tiger Consumer, Maverick Capital and Coatue Management are all shorting the supermarket brands company, the largest bearish bet comes from Maverick Capital with a 2.53 percent position as of Jan 4th. For the full list of the short position holders and their respective stakes in Delhaize Group, visit are dedicated page for Hedge fund short positions in Europe.

Adage Capital recently disclosed a position in Solvay S.A. (EBR:SOLB), a chemicals company. Adage Capital also has a position in 0.91 percent of ThromboGenics NV (EBR:THR), a pharmaceuticals company. TT International and Egerton Capital have negative position in 0.80 and 0.54 percent of NV Bekaert SA (EBR:BEKB), a company involved in the business of metal tranformation and coating. Wellington Management has a bearish bet on 1.02 percent of Dexia SA (EBR:DEXB)’s outstanding shares, while Ennismore Fund Management is shorting 0.82 percent of Agfa-Gevaert NV (EBR:AGFB).

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