The lists ranking the top performing hedge funds are piling up, Bloomberg has released its own version of top hedge funds of 2012. The data includes returns through Oct 31, so the ranking may very well shift. However, we have more recent returns for a number of funds than the one given by Bloomberg, So we are presenting a sandwich of both lists. Data (mostly) comes from Hedge Weekly, Lyxor, shareholder letters reviewed by ValueWalk, and sources familiar with the matter. According to AlphaClone, 68 percent of the ranked funds beat  S&P 500 (S&P Indices:.INX).

The 30 Best Performing Hedge Funds of 2012

The following is the most updated ranking of the top 30 hedge funds so far, including big names like Dan Loeb, Barry Rosenstein, Leon Cooperman, Chase Coleman, David Tepper and one of Man Group (LON:EMG)’s funds. The list does not discriminate on the basis of size of the fund.

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