SF Launcher For Android Is A Google Now Inspired Launcher

SF Launcher For Android Is A Google Now Inspired Launcher

There are many custom launchers out there, the popular ones are Go Launcher EX, Holo Launcher and Nova Launcher among others. While all these launchers provide that beautiful look with many customizable options, the story doesn’t ends here. Here comes a new launcher named  SF Launcher, which is in alpha stage right now, inspired by the Google Now UI.

Since this app is in Alpha stage right now, the developer says that there are some bugs that you might encounter. The developer also plans to add many new features in the future.

SF Launcher For Android Is A Google Now Inspired Launcher

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As you can see from the screenshots, the top section of the launcher is a header with the time, date, and a graphic of a the San Francisco, London or other generic skyline from Google Now, which changes depending on the time of the day. You can configure what time does this image changes from the header settings.

Below that, you can find the widgets section. Tap on the card labeled “Add” to add a new widget card. Swipe in this area to switch between widget cards. To remove a widget, long press on a widget and tap on “remove widget.”

You can also find the favorites section below widgets. This list will be empty at first, but you can add favorites by long-pressing on apps in the all apps list. To remove an app from favorites, simply long press on it. The favorites are currently being displayed in the order in which they are added.

SF Launcher is currently portrait-only and doesn’t have any support for landscape mode. The app is not designed to work on tablets, although it will run on tablets.

The developer plans to improve the app with users support. Do submit bug reports, suggestions and comments to the developer to make this Launcher better. Surely it brings the beautiful Google Now’s UI to your Android home screen. The app runs on Android 4.0 and above. Get it from below link.

Download SF Launcher from Google Play Store

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