Nokia Now Allows Users To Create Custom Cases For Lumia 820

Nokia Now Allows Users To Create Custom Cases For Lumia 820
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Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) (BIT:NOK1V) (HEL:NOK1V) is hoping to inspire some creativity with its latest endeavor. The tech company just introduced 3D templates, case specifications, and material guidance specifically for Lumia 820 owners to create their own shell and use it to replace the removable case on the back of the smartphone.

Nokia Now Allows Users To Create Custom Cases For Lumia 820

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) (BIT:NOK1V) (HEL:NOK1V) originally offered customers a small choice of cases to choose from, but this is the first time they’re offering customization. The only downside to this offer is that users will need to buy a 3D printer to make the custom cases.

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3D printers are not exactly mainstream and can sometimes cost up to thousands of dollars. John Kneeland from Nokia said the company is putting its focus on three dimensional printing because they believe it’s the future. He added, “My own view is that the hype is justified, and that 3D printing is indeed A Very Big Deal.”

Kneeland compared 3D printing technology to the industrial revolution. He speculates that this tech trend may take some time to becomes widely accepted. For now it remains a cutting-edge technology for early adopters. Nokia hopes to create a market for more customizable phones.

For those interested in Nokia’s custom Lumia 820 cases and want to create their own, you can find the specs for free on Nokia’s website.

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) (BIT:NOK1V) (HEL:NOK1V) is not the only company itching to give customers more choices on their smartphones. It’s rumored that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) wants to introduce a range of iPhones in different colors some time this year. It’s also speculated that the company is planning to introduce a budget-friendly iPhone Mini.

It appears that Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) (BIT:NOK1V) (HEL:NOK1V) is trying to redefine smartphones and create a new interest in their brand. It’s no secret that Nokia has been struggling in the smartphone market, their latest endeavor proves they’re not giving up.

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