How To Keep In Shape At Work: A Closer Look at the Treadmill Desk

How To Keep In Shape At Work: A Closer Look at the Treadmill Desk

How To Keep In Shape At Work: A Closer Look at the Treadmill Desk

How To Keep In Shape At Work? With the rise and advancements of modern technology, it is becoming harder to really wow the public with new products and electronics. However, once in a while, manufacturers will release a product that encourages life changing advantages such as rapid weight loss or reduced blood pressure.

While these advancements may not possess the same electronic ability as a smartphone, some can present equally beneficial convenience. For example, how would you feel about maintaining the opportunity to lose weight while you are sitting at your desk working?

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The latest addition to the fitness technology world is the LifeSpan DT – the first treadmill desk of its kind. This highly expensive piece of technology can easily run you an average of $1,300 each, leaving minimal likeliness to see them in the general public. Yet, how can you put a price on an electronic device that helps you gradually burn off calories effortlessly?

Members of the Mashable offices have been thoroughly testing out the LifeSpan DT to see what all the hype is about. Does it actually work? Can it really help you lose weight while at work? This could change everything for everyone, including owners of fitness facilities. But as any advancement in technology, it causes a shift in the economy and sales trends.

The Inside Scoop on the LifeSpan DT

The device was based on the assumption that individuals that work in office environments that require them to sit for long periods of time showcased lower levels of enzymes and good cholesterol in their body. While there is plenty of evidence to prove these theories, the LifeSpan DT may shake things up a bit.

Then again, there has also been evidence to show that slumping in the same chair for excessive time periods can trim up to 15 years from the average lifespan. So how accurate are these studies? While previous advancements have been made to fight for this cause, such as the standing desk, they have been found unsuccessful since the average person will eventually find a way to lean, slump or crouch anyway!

This led to the idea for the treadmill desk. If you’re going to be doing something aside from sitting, why not get some cardio in? By now, everyone must be abreast of all the benefits that can be attained by walking. The treadmill desk allows you to achieve these benefits while simultaneously getting your work done too.

The underlying concept of the treadmill desk comes from the notion that your body is able to burn more calories when engaged in other activities, such as working on the computer or clerical tasks that you would otherwise be doing at work anyway!

The LifeSpan DT maintains several default settings that can accommodate 0.5 miles per hour, which would otherwise be deemed as tortoise-paced! However, this speed actually enables you to burn and average of 200 calories per hour. What does this mean for you? In essence, this means that you can potentially savor 600 calories each day all before lunch! For those a bit more daring and conditioned, the LifeSpan DT also offers a maximum speed of 4 miles an hour!

The Physical Details

The apparatus itself is a pretty solid design and is overall well-constructed. It incorporates a large, comfortable-sized wrist guard with a large laminate surface that offers easy visibility from across the room. Users are raving over the snug universal fit for laptops and external monitors, as well as other electronics such as phones. The controls are located just below the wrist guard for easy accessibility – leaving it pretty difficult to press in error.

A Mashable employee stated: “The steel frame is very robust, and the shock-absorbent treadmill belt is quiet enough that you won’t trouble your co-workers, even if they are sitting right next to it. And they can sit close to most of it — you’re going to want a good 10 feet of space lengthways to fit the treadmill part plus clearance, however.” That’s something we can all work with! For added convenience, the height of the desk is completely customizable for various office staff; however, we do warn you that it is a bit of pain to change routinely.

Overall, the LifeSpan DT seems to be winning over the hearts of professionals in all industries and office sizes. The device has been creating a strong buzz amongst the general public and health industries since it is one of the few advancements that places public health in the same priority level as employment.

This is one tool which answers the question of how to keep in shape at work.


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