Google X Phone Rumors Take New Twist As More Details Emerge

Google X Phone Rumors Take New Twist As More Details Emerge
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Google X Phone, a new smartphone reportedly being manufactured by Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Motorola, has made rounds in the rumor mills for several weeks. On Wednesday, the phone, which is deemed by pundits to be a Samsung killer, yet again reemerged in the public domain.

Google X Phone Rumors Take New Twist As More Details Emerge

According to rumors, the search giant is expected to announce the Google X smartphone at its annual I/O conference in May. While the formal debut may take place in mid-May, the handset isn’t expected to grace the shelves of retail stores up until July 8th. The rumors also suggest that all major carriers in the U.S will throw their weight behind this smartphone. ‘Major carriers’ in this case could mean the four big wigs and other smaller telecom players as well. The Verizon model is expected to net $299 with a contract, while other models could be sold unsubsidized with prices in the neighborhood of the Nexus no-contract phones.

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According to these reports, Google X Phone will be dissimilar to  Nexus and it will come with a few pre-installed games and applications. In addition, customers who purchase the device via Google Play will have unlocked bootloaders and as such, will be able to uninstall the software. Going by these rumors, customers who purchase the device through Verizon will face a $15 monthly fee if they want to unlock their bootloaders.

Earnings call was used as a platform to drop hints

It is argued that Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) dropped hints about this smartphone phone during Tuesday’s earnings call. While making remarks about a still unprofitable Motorola, Google CEO, Larry Page, is said to have dropped some hints about the Google X Phone. Page emphasized on the importance of battery life. “When you drop your phone, it shouldn’t go splat,” he added, exclaiming the importance of increased speed and the ease of usability. Other Google executives also made it clear that Google inherited around 12 to 18 months worth of projects when it took over Motorola in 2012.

Given the huge time span between now and Google’s yearly I/O conference slated for May 15th, more details on the Google X Phone will emerge and consumers and pundits alike will be able to get a more definitive idea of this smartphone.

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