Google Flight Now Allows To Search For Destination By Region

Google Flight Now Allows To Search For Destination By Region
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Google Flights have updated its search service to provide users with as much detailed information about their destination search as possible. The new update will help users search for a specific airport they wish to wish to fly from/to.

Google Flight Now Allows To Search For Destination By Region

“Let’s say you want to take your family to Hawaii for spring break, but you’re not sure which of the islands sounds most appealing,” said Google software engineer Peter Balsiger. “There is now a way to quickly and easily search for a broader set of destination information. In this case, instead of checking prices to Kailua-Kona or Kahului, you could type ‘Hawaii’ into Flight Search. Live prices would then appear on the map, so you can quickly compare the cost of the different options.”

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For example, instead on entering ‘Orlando, Florida’ a user can provide a single choice, let’s say ‘Florida’, the new search will give out numerous prices of flying to different airports across the Sunshine State. The same search can be used for much broader destination, such as Australia.

 “Whether you’re planning a trip on your desktop, tablet or phone, you can use Flight Search to search for countries, states, islands and even continents from any U.S. or Canadian origin,” he adds.

Currently the Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) Flights feature can be used by U.S. or Canadian origins; however it does includes global destinations. The prices showed by the searches are live prices, so a user must be quick enough to grab a beneficial deal. The feature is in addition to other impressive feature, offered by the company, including the ability to search for a range of times/budgets in a single search.

The internet giant acquires ITA, a source of flight information and fares, dating back to 2010. The main objective of the acquisition was that the Google needed the team for its own flight information sites and services.

Flight rewards tracker MileWise, last month unveiled a new version of its iOS app, which allows users to search for flights in cash, frequent flyer miles, and hotel or credit card points. The rewards tracking firm also entered a deal with Google to use some of the key features across its service. The deal to share the flight fare data was the second one between the two.

Just last month, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) added some new features to the search (still under the “experimental” label) including Flight Explorer that allows the user to search by trip length, number of stops, airline, duration, outbound times and return times.

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