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Buttonizer Extension Helps Convert A Toolbar in Firefox Into Buttons

Google’s Chrome browser comes with a very minimalist design, on the other hand, Firefox comes with many tool bars which can get cluttered over time (this means less viewing area). Every now and then a new tool bar tries to take up space in your browser. However, there is one solution for this problem; you can simply hide those tool bars from View > Toolbars. In this guide, we discuss a new solution where you can maximize the website viewing area by converting the tool bar into a button.

Enter Buttonizer, a Firefox add-on that gives you more viewing area by turning the complete tool bar into a button on the address bar. You’ll need to install Buttonizer as a regular extension by going to Mozilla Add-on site and then clicking on the “Add to Firefox” button to install Buttonizer.

When the installation is finished, you’ll be asked to restart Firefox. Click on “Restart now” button.

Once Firefox restarts, you’ll be able to see the small Buttonizer button at the right of your Address bar. Right-click on it to see which toolbars can be converted to a button. For example, when I click on the button shown below, I am presented with options for add-on bar, bookmark bar and menu bar. To turn any toolbar into a button, click on it.


Once you do this, the selected toolbar is hidden and then when you mouse over the Buttonizer button, you’ll be able to access exactly that toolbar (as seen in below screenshot).

buttonizer2To set this option for a different toolbar, you can again right-click on it and then select another toolbar. The previously selected toolbar will re-appear and the currently selected toolbar will hide and appear on the Buttonizer button.

You can click on “Reset” button to reset the toolbars to their original place. Keep in mind that you can set only one toolbar at a time to a button.

This extension really comes very handy when you want to hide unwanted toolbars from the screen area. For example, you can hide that bookmark toolbar and access your shortcuts with this smart new method, with the added advantage of more screen area. The difference might not be that much, but at least you can remove one distraction creating toolbar from the Firefox’s interface.

Install Buttonizer from Mozilla’s Add-on site