Value Investing in Latin America: Interview With Carlos Zalles

Value Investing in Latin America: Interview With Carlos Zalles


Western investors and Latin American are the “odd couple” of value investing.

In terms of geography, culture and even language they are quite close – especially when compared to other developed to developing economy situations. And you have a long history of personal relationships between the regions which is critical for cross- border deals.

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And yet, Western capital and Latin American opportunities remain conspicuous far apart.

It’s a problem but its also an opportunity. This is the type of situation where trusted investors can add tremendous value.

In this vein, we spoke with Carlos Zalles of LW Investment Management. Mr. Carlos Zalles has been operating between the West and Latin America for over thirty years, with a strong focus on natural resources. We spoke with him about what opportunities he sees in Latin America today – and what his predictions are for the next 3-4 years.

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