Samsung Galaxy Note To Get Jelly Bean Update Soon

Samsung Galaxy Note will receive a Jelly Bean upgrade in the near future. Samsung shared the details on their product website about the Premiums Suite update for the Note. The new suite includes multi-window feature, pop-up note note/video/browser, photo note/photo frame, easy clip image cropper, paper artist application, handwriting on S Planner/Email, Enhanced S Note photo effects, and most importantly, a faster experience. Other notable features that comes with this upgrade include Google Now and Project Butter.

Samsung Galaxy Note To Get Jelly Bean Update Soon

Many of the new features for this particular upgrade enhance user experience with the S Pen stylus. Such notable features were mentioned  like Paper Artist; a cool photo editing experience that allows users to really enhance their favorite photos in new ways. Another notable feature includes the handwriting feature that lets you “write on emails and memo notes. Then there is Easy Clip which allows you to crop and share images or text with ease. The intuitive features don’t just stop there. This upgrade will also allow Samsung Note users do several tasks simultaneously with the new multi-task feature. It’s the one feature that almost anyone can make good use of.

Unfortunately, there is still no exact date as to when we can expect the update, but it should be sometime early next year.

In the last few days, many popular mobile Android-based products have been getting some major upgrades. Yesterday we reported that Android Jelly Bean was rolling out to HTC Global One S and Droid Razr for Verizon. Since these upgrades are essentially the same as above (Jelly Bean), users can pretty much expect the same features like Project Butter, Google Now, voice assistant (Android’s answer to Apple’s voice activated service Siri), and better notification system.

Samsung’s upgrade is yet another huge win for Google and Android.

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