Ouya Game Consoles Now Heading To Developers

Ouya game consoles are now on their way to interested developers. According to CNET, this unique game console was developed specifically for Android-based games and should bring back the gaming experience to the living room.

Ouya Game Consoles Now Heading To Developers

Ouya confirmed on Friday that 1,200 consoles were shipped to developers. The device was originally developed by a video game industry veteran named Julie Urhman, who wanted to develop an open ecosystem of videos games that can be played on your television set. Just last summer, Urhman brought the product to Kickstart in hopes of gaining funds from potential backers and early adopters. Fortunately, they raised over $2 million during the first day alone and by the end of the project, they raised a total of $8.5 million. For the ordinary folks who donated $95 to the Kickstarter campaign, they will receive  their own finished Ouya console in April. Developers who want to play with the gadget earlier and develop new apps for the console had to pay $699 upfront fee in order to get their own copy of the console.

Everything about the Ouya is unique, especially the design. This console is small enough to fit in someone’s hand. It’s also made to be opened up so developers can play around with the innards of the device.

The Ouya console comes with a translucent version of the console, two translucent controllers, batteries, HDMI cable, power adapter, micro-usb cable, and a welcome letter. What does come with the package is games.  This kit was designed for developers to create games for the platform.

Ouya also offers developers a portal website that allows them to download the developer kit,  documentation, and upload their games onto the system. Since this is all new, Ouya still reminds developers that there may be bugs and glitches in the system.

The development of Ouya still has much progress to be made but it does sound promising.

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