iPhone 5 users are already reporting problems with the newly released iOS 6.0.2 update. The problem is mainly with battery life.

iPhone 5 Users Report Battery Life Issues With iOS 6.0.2

There has been negative discussions and complaints regarding this particular problem on  Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Discussion Forums. One user claimed, “”I can usually get through a day with about 75 percent of my battery power remaining. Today I’ve gone through 90 percent and I’ve done nothing special with it.”

A second user chimed in with, “Today I barely used my phone at all, and I noticed I was down to 40 percent after 3 hours of being off the charger. This is a significant change in battery drain.”

There was another user that commented, “before with the 6.0.1 I didn’t have any kind of problem with the battery, I could have my battery full(ly) charged without doing any use of the iPhone 5 the whole night keeping 100 percent. But this morning when I woke up the battery was in 91 percent obviously without using the iPhone during the night”

Michael Cohen and Adam Engst(the writers behind popular  Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) fansite TidBITS) shared their thoughts on the culprit behind the problem. They think it’s a change in the number of Wi-Fi it does to resolve previous issues it had with connections.

It’s also important to point out that with each new release of the iOS, there are always more complaints about increased battery drain. And despite the fact that there are many complaints regarding the change, there are still many more who claim to have no problems with the update.

Cohen and Engst closed up their report with the following:

For the moment, my advice to anyone who has not noticed any Wi-Fi-related problems with iOS 6.0.1 on an iPhone 5 or iPad mini is to hold off on upgrading to 6.0.2 until more is known. If you are experiencing Wi-Fi weirdness, it may be worth the as-yet-unquantified risk to battery life to improve your wireless connectivity. And if you have already upgraded, be a little more aware of your battery life in case you need to charge more often to get through a long day.

 Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has yet to comment on the matter.