How To Make Instagram Photos Display Directly On Twitter

You must have probably noticed by now that photos in your posts from Instagram to Twitter are not properly displayed, and only a link is displayed to the photo. It seems that Twitter and Instagram are not really getting along well. Instagram has also cut off support for Twitter cards on Sunday, which means that photos taken from Instagram no longer show up on users’ Twitter feeds, but only a link to Instagram photos are displayed.

Previously, the entire photo was directly seen in Twitter’s timeline on the official Twitter website. One thing is for sure – many people don’t like this change.

Fortunately, we have a solution for this problem. IFTTT (If This, Then That) is a service that allows users to automate various web based tasks. IFTTT user djbentley came up with a smart recipe that allows users to add a hash tag when posting photos from Instagram and that photo will post to Twitter as native image with card.

To get started, head over to IFTTT and sign-up, or sign-in if you are already an existing user.

Add this recipe to your account. You will need to allow IFTTT access to your Twitter and Instagram accounts. Also set a hash tag as a trigger. For example, you can set #Instagram as your preferred hash tag, which means that you will need to add #Instagram to your tweets that you want to display properly on Twitter.

How To Make Instagram Photos Display Directly On Twitter

IFTTT will send the photo to display in full version to your Twitter followers.

For sure, this recipe for IFTTT is a life saver for those who are annoyed by the change that Twitter and Instagram have implemented. No more posting boring links, now you can display the full picture right on your timeline. Do try out this recipe.

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