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Facebook Inc (FB) Has 350 Apps With Over 1M Monthly Active Users Each

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) today announced numbers relating to app usage on its site. The impressive numbers included the news that 350 of the apps on the Facebook website now have over one million active monthly users each.

The company also spoke about app integration on its mobile platforms, such as iPhone and Android, saying that there are almost 200,000 iPhone and Android applications that are integrated with Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) – including nine out of the 10 highest grossing iPhone applications.

Another feather to Facebook’s cap came with their announcement that more than 45 percent of the top 400 grossing iOS apps use the Facebook SDK (software development kit). The company also spoke of its involvement in various mobile and web apps, calling itself the “social building block” for apps like Deezer, Endomondo, Shazam, Pinterest, Kobo, TripAdvisor, Fab.com, Gogobot, and Foodspotting.

The company, which is the largest social network in the world, with over one billion users, also has more than 220 million people using its App Center each month, and over 251 million people playing games on the website each month. The announcements were made today on the Facebook blog by Facebooker Justin Osofsky, Director of Platform Partnerships and Operations.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is at the Le Web conference in Paris. The city has also been revealed as the second top location for Timeline app development, right behind San Francisco. Facebook yesterday announced the launch of their new Facebook-Account-Free messaging app, which could help the company pave their way to their second billion users.

On the company blog, Osofsky also laid out Facebook’s plans for social apps in the future: “We will continue to work with developers of all sizes, and around the world, to help people tell rich stories through social apps, while making it easier for people to discover new apps and content through friends.”


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