Bruce Greenwald: The Netherlands and Germany Should Exit The Euro

Bruce Greenwald recently did some short clips on the Euro-Crisis. They were recorded in November of this year. He notes the imbalances between Northern and Southern Europe. He notes the trade imbalances of certain European countries and Asian countries. In one video, Greenwald says that Germany and the Netherlands should both exit the euro-zone. One video where Greenwald talks about Italy, we posted several weeks ago- Greenwald on Italy, Demographics, and Economic Growth the other three videos are embedded below. Greenwald has a great book on Globalization (slightly dated but still insightful), Globalization: The irrational fear that someone in China will take your job.

H/T Finance and Strategy Thinking

Currency Devaluations, Asia and trade imbalances:

It is not just a financial crisis:

The future of the economy (not optimistic):