Set Bing Home Page Image As Lock Screen In Windows 8

Bing is a superb alternative search engine, and one of its features is that it displays a stunning new background image everyday. Many people visit Bing just to see the new background image and to get information related to it. If you are on Windows 8 and want to set Bing’s home page image as your lock screen background, then here’s how you can do it.

Set Bing Home Page Image As Lock Screen In Windows 8

Set Bing Homepage Picture as Lock Screen Background

Simply follow the below process to set the Bing home page image as your lock screen:

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Step 1: Open your Start Screen and launch the Bing app. If you can’t find the Bing app, then you can also search for “Bing” in the App search section.

Step 2: When the app is launched, right-click on the wallpaper or press on Win+Z combination to open the app bar.

The app bar will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. It will display four options:

  • Copy link
  • Copy
  • Save as
  • Set as lock screen

Step 3: Since we are interested in setting the Bing’s picture as our lock screen background, click on “Set as lock screen”. This will set the current Bing’s image as your lock screen background.

Tip: You can also switch to using the last eight Bing wallpapers by clicking on the arrow button from Bing’s bottom right screen.