Facebook’s new layout, called Timeline, features a large photo known as cover photo. Many people keep changing it at regular intervals to attract Facebook users to their page. This cover photo is normally meant to be static for some weeks or months, depending on the page admin’s choice. But there are some people and brands that want to change the cover photo frequently, or at an exact date during some promotion or offers. While there is no problem in manually changing cover photo each time, how about an automated way to schedule cover photos to change at the specified date or time?

Enter PageCovery, a new online tool that allows users to schedule timely cover photo changes for your Facebook page. PageCovery can be used by brands to showcase products, services, or promotions via their Facebook cover photo at different intervals of the day.

Schedule Changes To Cover Photos Of Facebook Page With PageCovery

For example, brands can switch between different product images, or restaurants and hotels can run special promotions by using cover photos at different intervals of the day. Photography agencies can showcase their photography via scheduled cover photo changes at every minute interval.

There are two plans – free and paid. For free users, there is only one way (day scheduler) to schedule the cover photo, while for paid users, there are four ways such as day scheduler, date scheduler, live feed scheduler, and social feed scheduler.

For free accounts only, the Day Scheduler is available, and the number of schedules is limited to 5. This means that free users can schedule cover photo changes across Monday to Sunday at any specific time. This schedule will keep on repeating itself every week until you change it. If you want more features, then you will need to shell out $30 per month and per page.

Just in case if you are wondering about the dimensions of Facebook’s page cover photo, then it is: 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall.

Surely this is a superb way to schedule timely cover photo changes for your Facebook page. This would be very useful for brands, websites, agencies, and publishers. Please note that this doesn’t work for personal Facebook profiles.

Of course, when signing-up, you will need to authorise Pagecovery to make changes to your Facebook account.

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