Mario Gabelli Eyes Small Cap Stocks [VIDEO]

Mario Gabelli Eyes Small Cap Stocks [VIDEO]

Mario Gabelli, GAMCO Investors CEO & CIO, takes a look at several small cap stocks with the “Squawk Box” crew.


let’s get back to our guest host, mario gabelli. you have close to ten stocks? taxes are coming down and it will help domestic small cap stocks. secondly, companies will want to grow, so what will they buy? pep boys, stock is $10, superior industry that sells aluminum wheels. sup? a smart balance becausegluten-free — that was smart balance. smart ball, smbl. in addition to thisher broadcasting, i paid $10, the stock is $25. i think they’re worth $40? what’s the name? fisher broadcasting in seattle. hillshire — you’re repeating. different audience, darling. you keep interrupting me. you must own a lot becauseyou’ve mentioned that twice. no, i own sara lee and i’ve owned it for four years. bonda — no, small caps. a couple of companies in the health care area. endo pharma, a company — endo pharma? e-n-d-o? booze companies, larger which will be taken over. beam, which was a spinoff from fortune brands, home and hardware. i brought you a bottle. home and hardware, there you have a long, long traction with regards to housing.anyone that sells to housing will do extraordinarily well. i said you and your stocks — gff — you and your stocks have a lot in common. you’re both extraordinarily cheap. they make doors for garages, joe. which one? you aren’t listening? i know. gff, griffin. they did a lousy acquisition — gff. gff, garage doors. i got it. are they going to get — are they going to get hope fromsandy? i mean — no. it’s too small. remodeling is important –who taking them out? no, i think they’ll split into engineering is a way to make money as well. splitting a company into pieces. trader out of richmond, virginia, stock is — you like treader. tg is the symbol. a basket of stocks you can look at. there are so many that are yummies. yummies?buying in minority position. on larger companies, companiesthat basically would fit into the basket, the mondaleze of aglobal basis. thank you. it’s been a pleasure having you here.happy thanksgiving. happy thanks to you.

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