Telenav recently commissioned Harris Interactive to examine the habits of smartphone owners in the U.S.

Survey results revealed phone usage in the restroom, “sexting,” and overall, a number of sometimes irresponsible – mobile behaviors.

With 52% of U.S. adults now using smartphones, more than a third (36%) consider texting their most used feature on a daily basis, followed by phone calls (24%), e-mail (15%), Web browsing (12%) and social media (7%).

Conducted annually, Telenav’s survey focuses on mobile habits of mobile users.

 Highlights of this year’s survey include:

·         65% of smartphone owners use their phone while in bathroom

·         66% drivers use their phone while driving

·         30% text and drive simultaneously

·         1 in 10 users admit to sexting

How Many People Use Mobile Devices In Bathroom? [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Telenav