Facebook ‘Share Button’ Goes Live On Android And iOS Apps

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users now have an easier time sharing stories from their news feeds on their mobile phones. The social media site has just released details on the new feature today. It’s available on Facebook apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, and the Facebook mobile web site. Users simple click “Share” on a story in their news feed to repost it on their own timeline. There have been rumors about the new Share button circulating for some time. Experts at Techcrunch saw it during testing of the app updates.

Facebook 'Share Button' Goes Live On Android And iOS Apps

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There are some differences between the new Share button and giving a story a “Like.” The Share button actually reposts the content to the user’s news feed. It works like re-tweets on Twitter. The button also enables users to add comments to the story when they post it. By sharing a story rather than simply “liking” it, users can rest assured that more of their friends will be able to see the content because “Likes” are not as easily seen as “Shares.”

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) developers believe this new button will help stories be spread throughout the social network quicker, as it makes reposting stories from a mobile phone much easier. Industry experts believe Facebook added the feature to its mobile apps and web site due to the popularity of Twitter’s  similar feature. When faced with the decision of whether to post something via a mobile phone on either Twitter or Facebook, many users would pick Twitter because it was easier. By adding the Share button, users no longer have to try to copy and paste content to share, which is much more difficult on a mobile phone than it is on a computer.

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