Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s chief engineer is looking for ways to push interactions on the site forward. In an interview with Wired Magazine, Mike Vernal said they are now favoring longer form content that will engage users in a deeper way.

“We’re trying to help users map out all the things they care about and all the things they’re connected to, and to help people discover things through the lens of their friends,” Vernal told Wired.

Facebook Inc (FB) Mobile Social Apps Are 'Next Wave of Big Innovation'

He also told the publication that he feels a great push toward mobile social apps and believes that they are the “next wave of big innovation.” According to Vernal, the apps that are available on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) today have come a long way since the apps that were there a year ago. He said today’s apps enable users to tell and share stories in a much richer way because they can log in, locate their friends, interact with them, and then share the experiences back to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). Vernal believes these new apps are helping to evolve a new way for people to tell stories, and this new form of storytelling has led them to place an emphasis on longer content.

He told Wired, “The more time you spend engaging with and generating content, probably the more valuable it is… We found the storytelling value of a book you spent five hours reading, or a two hour movie you watched on Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) is just so much greater than an article you spent 30 seconds reading or a 20-second YouTube clip.”

Vernal also said that the greatest changes they are seeing right now involve the transition from desktop to mobile. They see that mobile Facebook apps get more use than desktop-only apps, simply because people want to share their experiences while they are out and about.

According to Vernal, next year will be all about pushing the envelope even further and finding even more creative ways to make Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users’ storytelling experiences richer than ever before.