Backup Product Key, Drivers, & Windows User Folder With Gotcha Backup

Backup Product Key, Drivers, & Windows User Folder With Gotcha Backup

Backing up the important files should be given utmost importance, as once a file is deleted, it is very hard to recover. Our hard disk can be replaced, but the files cannot be. If you are a Windows user, then in most cases, you would be saving your documents in the user folder, as that’s the default location for Microsoft Office. These Documents, Pictures, and Music folders can be backed up manually and then you can move those files to your new system or Windows installation.

While the manual method works great and you can even burn or copy those files to external media, you can also try out a program for this task called Gotcha Backup Utility. This is a simple and easy to use program to backup user data from a system, so that later on, you can restore the data to the same or another system.

Backup Product Key, Drivers, & Windows User Folder With Gotcha Backup

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All the locations where the data is usually stored are present in the interface. The program can also detect more than one drive containing Windows and which user’s folders you want to backup.

This application can backup your data to local or to an external media, like removable storage, or a network computer. Select the folders that you want to backup, select backup location, and then hit the “Backup” button. By default, the Copy option is selected and you can also use the Move option to move the data from an old installation to save space and also to avoid data redundancy.

To end with, it can be said that this utility can create a backup of the selected data which is usually scattered across different folders and locations. It saves time as it can backup fonts, drivers, documents, Windows Product key, and more from a single interface.

Gotcha Backup Utility works on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Get it from the below link.

Download Gotcha Backup Utility

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