$1.5 Million of iPad Mini Tablets Stolen From JFK Airport

Everyone wants the new iPad Mini. Unfortunately, there are a few people who are trying to capitalize on this illegally. There was a recent massive heist at the JFK airport, where thieves stole 3,600 iPads worth a total of $1.5 million, reports NYPost.

$1.5 Million of iPad Mini Tablets Stolen From JFK Airport

The group stole iPads that were coming in from China. They took a total of two pallets before they were caught by an airport worker, and fled the scene. So far, no suspects have been found, but the police assume it was an inside job. The iPad theft took place in the same cargo building in which another theft took place thirty-four years ago.

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In 1978, there was another mass robbery where over $5 million dollars and $875,000 in jewelry were stolen. It was the very same heist that inspired the movie Good Fellas twenty-two years ago.

Reportedly there were two thieves that worked together during the Monday night heist. They were well-prepared as they brought their own forklifts and were let in by an employee. Another employee let them out after they were done.

The recent iPad Mini theft incident does sound like an inside job and it is obvious that the theft was a well-organized crime. What’s the most interesting thing about this incident is how the criminals weren’t found yet. I’d imagine it might be a little hard to lug around two large pallets through town, although I’m sure they’ve got some help.

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens next, like how are they going to sell the tablets without getting caught?  They’ve got eyes watching them and that might deter them from making sales in the near future. With all of that said, I really wouldn’t be surprised if they catch the criminals shortly. They already got the iPad Minis in their possession but it’s going to be pretty hard to completely get rid of them.