Windows 8 Makes A Good Start: Citi Holds Hope For Microsoft

Windows 8 Makes A Good Start: Citi Holds Hope For Microsoft
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Microsoft’s Windows 8 has kicked off to a good start. Barely a week after it’s highly anticipated launch, the new operating system has sold 4 million upgrades. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer revealed the statistics at a keynote address on Tuesday at the company’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington. “In just the last three days, we have sold four million Windows 8 upgrades. The level of enthusiasm seen for the new products has really been stunning,” he noted. Ballmer was addressing developers at the commencement of a BUILD conference, held at the company headquarters.

Windows 8 Makes A Good Start: Citi Holds Hope For Microsoft

Although it is still early, prospects are thickening in light of the positive start. Analysts believe that Windows 8 will be a huge game-changer for the company. It has changed the long-familiar user-interface to adapt to a contemporary touch-screen interface. This change appeals to the needs of the current market. Ballmer also noted that popular applications will be tailored to Windows 8, among them, Twitter and Dropbox.

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Citi Research has compiled and published a report on the same, citing that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s mid-term and long-term future could be positively influenced by Windows 8. The bulky report details a set of viable possibilities for the company. For starters, the shortage of apps at the release of the Windows 8 is expected to be a short term predicament. The number of apps, which was merely 5,000 at the time of release, is expected to increase exponentially. Through conversations with developers and partners, Citi Research reveals that there will be a possible huge influx of projects for the Windows 8.

Citi Research also noted that despite the new operating system being new to the market, developers were notably optimistic. The analytical firm further noted that every design shop it spoke with was looking forward to developing apps for the platform. Nevertheless, most of the projects in these early stages are expected to be consumer-facing apps. This is because the probable slackened pace of Windows 8 in the enterprise market presents little incentive.

While Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) intends to make significant inroads into competitors’ market share, it noted that Microsoft office would not be given away to any competitor. The company views it as a competitive differentiator, and as such, wants it to remain exclusive to its products.

In conclusion, the Citi Research shrouds Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s stock in bullishness. Citi Research has convictions that Windows 8 will awaken prospects in the medium and long-term. Nevertheless, the stock may continue to fade on initial muted response.

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