Ron Paul and Imran Khan: Two Peas in a Pod?

Ron Paul and Imran Khan: Two Peas in a Pod?

I authored an article earlier about the similarities between Ron Paul and Imran Khan. However, after thinking more about the issue and some comments from readers, I decided that is necessary to note the large differences between the two ‘youth politicians.’ Imran Khan and Ron Paul are not ‘two Peas in a Pod.’

Ron Paul and Imran Khan: Two Peas in a Pod?

To understand these differences it is important to note the difference between Pakistan and America. While there are similarities between the countries, the contrasts are clear. Let us focus on some aspects, which likely make the men differ on political views.

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America’s neighbors are friends of the country, and Canada is arguably America’s best ally. To America’s south, there are political and security issues, but there is no rampant security threat. Although I have noted repeatedly, that terrorists have been using the Southern border to get into the US.

Pakistan is in an entirely different neighbourhood. At least in view of Pakistanis, India is a major threat to the country. There are problems with the open border with neighboring Afghanistan. In Balochistan region of Pakistan, there is support for a seperatist movement. These are among the security challenges facing the country.

Although missiles and other technology have made the oceans which protected less of America a threat, the country has and will go to war over issues which are not national security threats. The war in Libya according to everyone was not for national security, the reason given was humanitarian.’ This is just one of many examples of conflicts, where America had gone to war when National security was not an issue.

Ron Paul opposes these foreign ventures. He has been consistent in opposing conflicts and wars, whether the president has been a Republican or Democrat. Ron Paul is famous for his more isolationist views in regards to Foreign policy. With Americans extremely war wary of foreign conflicts especially after the failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (which is still ongoing), many Americans share these views. Additionally, America has troops in places like Germany, which do not make much sense to anyone. The only beneficiaries are the local German economy and the companies which provide supplies to those troops. This is the reason Ron Paul believes defence spending should be cut.

Imran Khan as the Prime Minister (or President) of Pakistan would be in a totally different situation. Pakistan faces threats both internally or externally. Imran Khan likely will not be going to war in Libya to help liberate’ the country. Imran Khan will likely not be cutting defence spending any time soon.

Whether Imran Khan and Ron Paul would have the same views on this issue if their situation was reversed is unknown However, for the time being, this is a real issue which separates Ron Paul and Imran Khan.

Another issue is taxes, which I will discuss in the next article.

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