Mitt Romney Vs. Barack Obama on Foreign Policy: 2012 Election Debate [LIVE]

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ValueWalk will be providing live coverage of the Third presidential debate tonight, taking place at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will be debating foreign policy. This will be the final presidential debate. The moderator will be Bob Schieffer The first debate was a Mitt Romney landslide victory. The second debate was a slight Barack Obama victory. With more voters paying attention to Foreign policy, as a result of the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, this debate may well decide the election. The polls between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is extremely tight. Many political ‘experts’ now believe that the state of Ohio could be the deciding vote.

Mitt Romney Vs. Barack Obama on Foreign Policy: 2012 Election Debate [LIVE]

Politico notes  the format and topics of the debate:

* America’s role in the world
* Our longest war – Afghanistan and Pakistan
* Red Lines – Israel and Iran
* The Changing Middle East and the New Face of Terrorism – I
* The Changing Middle East and the New Face of Terrorism – II
* The Rise of China and Tomorrow’s World

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The debate will be held on Monday, October 22 at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida.  The format calls for six 15-minute time segments, each of which will focus on one of the topics listed above. The moderator will open each segment with a question.  Each candidate will have two minutes to respond.  Following the candidates’ responses, the moderator will use the balance of the 15-minute segment to facilitate a discussion on the topic.  All debates start at 9:00 p.m. EST and run for 90 minutes.

I think the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, Libya will be a big topic tonight. However, I urge everyone to read my article on Egypt. I note I am 100% biased. Mitt Romney has been vague about his foreign policy, however, I believe Barack Obama’s foreign policy has been a complete disaster (besides Burma), and Egypt is the best example. Mohammed Mursi only confirmed my suspicion with the latest report where he said ‘Amen’ as  an Egyptian preacher urged ‘Allah, destroy the Jews’
I am voting mostly on foreign policy. The reason is that the issue has been almost neglected by the media, but is crucial in terms of economic issues. One example, the war in Afghanistan (which I know of no one thinks is winnable), is costing us $100 billion a year. The attacks of 9/11 cost of trillions in the end. I think the policy of President Barack Obama in the Middle East and Pakistan and Afghanistan, will cost us even more in the future. I hope to get into the Osama Bin Laden raid before the election. Most Americans will disagree on these points, but I want to mention the repercussions of the raid to kill Osama Bin Laden, which I opposed.

First, I want to point out that this was presented as some Hollywood movie. The truth is far different, as is known to the American public. I hope to also provide some additional exclusive information from my sources there at a later date.

I will list the rest here:

1. The Pakistani Government was almost overthrown (google the Haqqani memo)

2. The mission almost ended in a complete failure as the Helicopter crashed

3. Even the most moderate Pakistanis despise the US. Pakistan has the 6th largest population in the world. Many uninformed people equate Arabs with Muslims…. If you take half the Muslim population of India (from which Pakistan was partitioned), and  Pakistan, you have more Muslims, than the entire Arab world. 

4. China gained our stealth helicopter technology

I hope real issues are brought up as they have not been discussed. The most embarrassing moment of Barack Obama’s presidency is  likely where he asked Iran to return our drone. The middle class is being decimated due to sanctions, but Iran continues its path towards a Nuclear weapon.  The handing of Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood on a silver platter (read my article where I discuss that topic in depth), the $90 billion of weapons Barack Obama plans to sell to Saudi Arabia, his unclear policy towards our allies (discussed in our article), and many more issues.

I will be live blogging the debate and offering my two cents if I have time.

The debate begins at 9:00 PM EST and should go until 10:30 PM EST. We will start our coverage at that time. I urge people to read my article on Egypt, and some of our other articles on other countries, including Syria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia etc.

Live Video streaming by Ustream

9:02 PM EST: Bob Schieffer begins the debate and notes the rules, no applause besides for the opening, where Barack Obama and Mitt Romney enters. Bob Schieffer states that only he knows the questions. Bob Schieffer states that there are two minutes to answer, and notes the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile crisis.

9:04: The first segment is about the Middle East and terrorism. The first question is about Libya, Mitt Romney goes first.

9:06: Mitt Romney starts off with some light talk and begins talking about the Arab (Wahabi) Spring, which brought much opportunity. Syria now has 30,000 dead, Mali has been taken over in the North by Al Qaeda, The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Iran four years closer to a nuclear weapon. Mitt Romney notes that we cannot ‘kill our way’ out of this mess. We need a comprehensive strategy.

9:08: Barack Obama states that he is making friends around the world (I have no idea which friends he is referring to), he refers to Libya and says he has done everything possible to get rid of Qaddafi, a despot who killed Americans, who now march and say America is our friend. Obama notes success in Iraq and Afghanistan.

9:09: Mitt Romney says that he has a broader friend. He says we should help the Muslim world, the key is economic development. We should give them better education, the rule of law and gender inequality. Mitt Romney says Libya is making some progress (he notes that Egypt has much larger population than Libya, as I did) and Iran is on way to nuclear weapon.

9:13: Barack Obama says that Mitt Romney’s foreign policy is of the 1980s. He mocks Mitt Romney for not having foreign policy experience. He notes that Mitt Romney has contradicted himself on foreign policy, we need strong steady leadership all over the map.

9:14: Mitt Romney notes that Barack Obama is not going to solve things by attacking Mitt Romney. Then responds on several issues such as Iraq and Russia. They start arguing about an agreement in Iraq.

9:15: Barack Obama says we need to be clear to our allies (READ my article on Egypt). Barack Obama will CONTINUE to do is get these countries to protect minorities and women, be allies with Israel, and recognize that we cannot do nation building.

9:17: Bob Schieffer asks about Syria (there is no good solution to the mess in Syria), Bob Schieffer notes the problems in Syria, he asks Obama what we should do.

9:18: Obama notes that we are co-ordinating with Turkey and Israel, as well as other Allies. However, to get entangled militarily is a big mistake. Barack Obama is sure that President Bashar Assad’s stays are still numbered.

9:19: Mitt Romney says seeing Syria as supporter of the terrorist group, hezzbollah, it is important to take some action while not getting involved militarily. He notes that Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are all concerned. He notes that we should arm the responsible parties. He wants Syria to be a friend and this is a critical opportunity, which we might lose.

There seems to be little debate between the two on Syria

9:21: Barack Obama notes the ‘success’ in Libya, but then attacks Mitt Romney over Libya, I am losing what he is referring to.

9:23: Bob Schieffer asks Mitt Romney would you impose no fly zone? Mitt Romney reiterates that he does not want any US military action, Mitt Romney also believes that it is not necessary. He says we should have taken a leading role in leading diplomacy and we should make sure they have the arms they need.

9:23: Bob Schieffer asks Barack Obama about Egypt. Barack Obama says America has to stand with democracy. Obama says he has put pressure on the Egyptian Government to grant women rights (LIE), he says that Egypt must keep its treaty with Israel (see my article where Dictator Mursi already broke the Sinai treaty).

9:25: Obama tries to bring the debate back to America, and says we cannot be leaders.

9:27: Mitt Romney would not have stuck with Hosni Mubarak. He said we should have worked more with friends, in a way that it did not explode. He then gets away from Egypt (big mistake).

9:28: Mitt Romney brings the debate to the economy, and notes that the national debt is a national security threat.

9:29: Bob Schieffer asks what is America’s role in the world?

9:30: Mitt Romney says America should promote American values, such as freedom of speech and human rights. However, America must have a stronger economy to lead in the world. Mitt Romney keeps getting back to the economy. Mitt Romney notes that we do not know what will happen in the future, so we must have a strong military. The tension between Israel and the United States is unfortunate, as is the missile defence shield taken out of Poland. Mitt Romney notes that Barack Obama did not stand with democracy in Iran.

9:32: Barack Obama notes bringing back jobs to America, and controlling our own energy, and notes the need for clean energy. Barack Obama gets back to the deficit, and attacks Mitt Romney for proposing ‘reckless’ policies.

9:33: Mitt Romney says he will get the economy rolling with his five point plan. He notes that America has not focused on Latin America, which has an economy nearly as large as China’s.

9:35: Barack Obama notes the education reform under his leadership. This debate is steering away from foreign policy, you can watch video above, we will resume when the expected topics are discussed.

9:40: Bob Schieffer where will you cut spending for military spending, Mitt Romney? 5% of discretionary spending will be cut. Number one to get rid of is Obamacare, which is not good and not affordable.

9:42: Mitt Romney the navy is at the lowest level since 1913. The air force is smaller than it was when founded in 1940. The President must maintain our safety. I will not cut our military by $1 trillion.

9:44: Barack Obama notes the nature of the military has changed. The capabilities are important not the number of ships.

9:45: Bob Schieffer would either of you be willing to declare attack on Israel is an attack on USA, and will this deter Iran?

9:47: Barack Obama says this has been his policy all along. Iran will not get a nuclear weapon, we have organized the strongest sanctions ever. Their economy is in shambles (and that helps with this issue how, it just crushes the middle class?). Iran says they want to see Israel wiped off the map. Iran now can take the diplomatic route or take the other route. Mitt romney talks about taking premature action.

9:50: Mitt Romney agrees on nuclear weapons and Iran. Mitt Romney says he called for sanctions five years ago, but he would tighten those sanctions, ships that carry Iranian oil cannot come to the US. Diplomatic isolation is an issue. Ahmadinejad would be indicted for genocide. And their diplomats would be treated like Pariah.

9:51: Mitt Romney says a military option is a last resort

9:51: Barack Obama ensues that Mitt Romney is a hot head. Obama says he started sanctions from the day he got into office (I am pretty sure that is a lie). He stresses that even Russia and China has agreed to sanctions (not sure that is true either). Barack Obama denies any talk with Iran. Obama says the clock is ticking and will not allow Iran to let negotiations continue forever (which has been Obama’s policy to date).

9:53: Mitt Romney notes that Barack Obama made America look weak by willing to negotiate with Ahmadinejad. Obama missed his opportunity during the revolution in Iran. When he said we will create daylight between ourselves and Israel, Iran got the message. The pressure must be harder and military action wont be necessary

9:55: Barack Obama says he has never been on an apology tour, and Obama was clear about the Iranian revolution (lie).

9:56: Mitt Romney says we are four years closer to a nuclear iran. These four years were wasted. Mitt Romney calls it an apology tour and notes he skipped Israel and Israel noticed. He notes that Obama said that America has dictated to other nations.

9:57: Barack Obama’s first trip abroad was to Israel and our troops. He notes that America funded Israel’s Iron Dome system. Obama asks who will be credible to all parties involved? Obama says he wins across the board on every issue (lol).

10:00: Mitt Romney says we are not safer. He notes North Korea’s nuclear program, Russia, China, and our leadership is receding. He notes that Democratic Senators even asked Obama to repair relations with Israel.

10:02: Obama notes that Romney flip flopped and is evading the issues raised. He talks about Osama bin Laden, Libya, Pakistan. Obama takes a strong stand on Pakistan, and says Pakistan would have denied permission (according to our sources, President Zardari knew about the raid in advance).

10:04: Bob asks about Afghanistan, what if the deadline arrives and the situation has not improved (which it wont) in 2014?

10:06: Romney says we will be done. Pakistan is important and it has 100 nuclear warheads, it is an extremely important nation.  We have to encourage Pakistan to move to a more stable Pakistan. Our aid to Pakistan must be conditional (right now the people of Pakistan do not get a penny of it).

10:08: Obama says we can transition out, Americans should not die when Afghans can policy their country. He notes that the Afghanis must have the capability, but it is time to do nation building at home, we should help Veterans.

10:10: Bob: Pakistani Government still supports terrorists, but we give them $2 billion in aid.

10:10: Romney says we should not just ‘divorce’ Pakistan. It does not have a civilian Government which is strong enough. Romney stresses that Pakistan cannot become a failed state. Pakistan is technically an ally, but they need to do some work.

10:12: Drones? Romney supports drone usage and believes that we should continue to use it. But we will have to do more, the foreign policy will have to be far more comprehensive. Iran is closer to a nuclear bomb, Al Qaida is not on the run, the Middle East is in Chaos, and Israel and the Palestinians are not closer to a deal.

10:14: Obama notes that he stood with Tunisia, in Egypt stood with the side of the people. The attitudes have changed (according to every poll, we are FAR more hated today in the Muslim world, especially Egypt).

10:15: China?

10:16: Obama says China is a potential adversary, but can be a partner. They must play by the same rules, and that is why I set up a trade task force. Again on economy.

10:18: We can work with China, but they look at us knowing we owe them $1 trillion.

10:26: Romney and Obama are now arguing about the bailout to the auto industry.

10:31: Closing statements. Obama notes the progress of digging our way out of wars, deficits, and wars. He calls his Romney’s foreign policy ‘reckless’, and says we will help small business and improve education. Obama notes natural gas, oil, and future sources. We should invest in research and technology. We need to nation build at home.

10:33: Mitt Romney is excited about the future. He wants to see peace and make the world a safer place. We must get the economy going. Obama will head us towards Greece and declining take home pay. I will get people back to work and get people on food stamps onto good jobs. We need someone who can work across the aisle, I did it as Governor, I will do that as President. We are the hope of the earth.

10:37: The debate is over. Who won the Presidential debate tonight? I thought Obama was winning in the beginning. Romney failed to show any real difference on foreign policy. Romney missed a huge chance to deliver a knock out blow on issues of Egypt and the Middle East. Both men tried to bring the debate to the economy. I thought Romney had some great lines on Obama in regards to Israel and Iran. Obama seemed to be winning in the beginning but Romney was a bit better towards the end. I would say Obama had a slight victory, but the pundits will weigh in as to who won. Our coverage ends here.

12:31 AM EST: We have inserted a video of the full Presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

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