How to Enable Private Browsing on Firefox and Dolphin for Android

Private browsing is a feature of browsers that enables you to browse online, without leaving any tracks behind. With this feature, you can browse privately on desktops and laptops, as well as on smartphones. The private browsing, also known as the “Do Not Track” feature of browser, needs to be enabled and it is not enabled by default. Firefox and Dolphin are two of the most popular browsers on Android’s platform, and both have an option to enable private browsing.

Let’s learn how to enable “Do Not Track”, or private browsing, in Firefox and Dolphin browser for Android.


Run Firefox from your Android smartphone, tap the Menu button, then select More > Settings > Privacy and Security Settings.

How to Enable Private Browsing on Firefox and Dolphin for Android

Now you should see some options related to the privacy and security settings. Scroll down and check mark “Browsing without history”. That’s how you can browse without saving any history in Firefox.


If you are on Dolphin, then this browser also supports private browsing, but the exact setting is somewhat harder to find.

Tap on “More” from the bottom toolbar, then on Settings > Privacy & Personal Data and then tap on “Browsing Without History”. It should now read it as ON.

Once enabled, your browser doesn’t store any of your searches, browsing history, or cookies from any site. This feature also doesn’t allows tracking by advertisers and marketers. Enjoy private browsing on your Android smartphone.