Fox News White House Correspondent Speaks About Twitter ‘Rules’

Fox News White House Correspondent Speaks About Twitter ‘Rules’

Ed Henry, the  official FOX news correspondent for White House, spoke to Fast Company in a recent interview. Ed has been reporting on  what goes about in the Oval office for a long time now. The interview is focused on how Ed balances between the official reporting and tweeting, while not giving out too much to his followers.

Fox News White House Correspondent Speaks About Twitter 'Rules'

He talks about how social media, and specifically Twitter, has helped the journalists in achieving first-hand interaction with their readers. This gives the readers a chance to closely explore what the writer meant when he authored a certain opinion, rather than just making assumptions. He is also firm in serving the same dish on air and on Twitter. This minimizes the chances of confusion and misrepresentation. He thinks that readers can’t be slanted on Twitter, it would be wrong to assume that what a journalist Tweets casually will not be held to a high standard by the followers.

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Social media has leveled the playing field to the point where I don’t think a lot of readers and viewers make the same distinction anymore, between what you’re saying on the air and what you’re saying on Twitter.

Ed also refrains from sending direct Tweets to politicians, as it will not look credible when he gets too chummy with people that he covers during his job. Moreover, with tweeting, he wants to keep his focus on business. When asked what his personal rule for social media was, Ed replied, “It’s more important to get the story correct than to get it first.”

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