De-Blur Your Fuzzy or Blurred Pictures With SmartDeblur

De-Blur Your Fuzzy or Blurred Pictures With SmartDeblur

In these days of digital cameras and mobile phones, capturing our precious moment has become very easy, thanks to all these digital tools. Many times while capturing that perfect picture, if we shake our hand then it can become blurred. While newer digital cameras has some features like image stabilization, there may be many such blurred images in your photo collection. Many people think that there can be nothing that can be done to improve these photos, but there is a programs that can improve a blurry image to some extent.

SmartBlur is an application for Windows and Mac that can improve fuzzy and blurred pictures automatically. Vladimir Yuzhikov, the developer of the app says that this app attempts to solve ‘one of the most interesting and important problems of image-processing’.

De-Blur Your Fuzzy or Blurred Pictures With SmartDeblur

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The program can be downloaded and then extracted. To process an image, you need to simply drop your blurred image into the program window or use the menu to open the photo.

The program automatically processes the image and then it displays the improved image on the screen. Click on “Show original” to view the original photo.

If you are not happy with the output, then you can also try using the different filters like Gaussian Blur, Motion Blur and Out of Focus Blur. You can adjust it further with the help of sliders.

Overall it can be said that it may not yield perfect results, but it can at least improve blurred images. If you have some blurred photos lying around in your collection, then it doesn’t hurt to try out this program. What’s more, its a freeware.

The developer has explained the process that this program uses to de-blur an image on his website. With this tool, you can try restoring defocused and blurred images. If this seems interesting, then give this program a try,

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