Charlie Munger’s Lecture to Students on the Financial Crisis

Charlie Munger's Lecture to Students on the Financial Crisis

Charlie Munger needs no introduction to readers. Without veering off too much into hyperbole, Munger is truly one of the great minds of our age. He is the rare combination of incredible intellectual firepower, accumulated wisdom, and more than a dash of a willingness to speak his mind. His various speeches and talks have been compiled in books and on the web. These commentaries are some of the most insightful things you can read – both in terms of investing and life. They are treasures – examples of what a life spent learning can produce and lessons in thinking the right way.

For the past several years I have had in my possession a video of a talk that Munger gave in January 2010 at the Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles. In it, he diagnoses the cognitive failings of various professionals and academics that contributed to the financial crisis. It is classic Munger – insightful, funny, and just dead-on. As far as I know, this presentation has been seen by only a handful of people.

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Munger Talk at Harvard-Westlake