Samsung’s Galaxy S3 Ad On Facebook, Accidentally Promotes iPhone 5

“If you could only take one electronic device on a deserted island, what would it be?”- This is one question that Samsung’s advertising department doesn’t want to answer. Not long ago, Samsung asked the question on Facebook in expectations of positive remarks from fans. To its surprise, an overwhelming number of people noted that they would choose the iPhone 5, and among other iPhones, would be their device of choice.

Samsung's Galaxy S3 Ad On Facebook, Accidentally Promotes iPhone 5
Source: Pixabay

The inclination towards Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone was simply indescribable and Samsung’s hastily clamped plans to market its Samsung S3 (which by the way was uploaded together with the post) turned into an accidental iPhone 5 promotion. Reports indicate that 40 of the last 50 responses were all in favor of the iPhone. Interestingly, the same pattern repeats itself in previous comments, highlighting the iPhone 5’s undisguised popularity.

This advertising strategy to bring down Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is not an isolated event. Earlier on, Samsung had released an advertisement that was targeted towards attacking the iPhone 5. The advertisement was taken negatively and stirred a ruckus of its own among iPhone fanatics. We even had the opportunity to cover the story.

One major highlight that comes out from Samsung’s earlier advert, now dubbed “it doesn’t take a genius”, is the repetitive comparison between the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3. It appears that this has become the new trend in the tech industry. As reported yesterday, Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) also joins Samsung in using so-called comparative advertising to make its point. The embattled handset maker also used specification comparison in its ads.

Amid all the rivalry, one point boldly stands out; Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has the heart of the consumers. Indeed, industry analysts and specialists have established that both Samsung’s and Nokia’s smartphones are more technologically advanced than Apple’s iPhone. Nonetheless, consumers still go ahead and buy iPhones despite their high prices.

Why is this so?

In the opinion of many consumers, the iPhone extends a ‘cool’ factor, and has an incomparable brand perception. Perhaps this explains the overwhelming number of consumers who opted for the iPhone in the botched Samsung ad on Facebook.

The controversy surrounding these advertisements highlights the bubbling rivalry that currently characterizes the smartphone segment. Exactly a week before Apple released its iPhone 5, Nokia released its Lumia 920. HTC also plans to release its own iPhone5 equivalent on September 19th. Undisclosed sources within Samsung also revealed that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 would launch in February 2013. All these factors suggest that smartphone manufacturers will prolong their adverts.